How to Manage Back Pain While You Sleep

If you suffer from back pain every once in a while or if it is a chronic condition, you know how hard daily life can be with that aggravating pain. Sometimes the only relief you may get is while sleeping, but many of us find it almost impossible to get comfortable. Let us give you some tips on how to manage back pain while you sleep so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Sleeping with Back Pain

Whatever the cause or the degree of your back pain, the common denominator for those with back pain issues is finding a comfortable position for sleeping and managing the pain. 

Here are some of the best ways to find relief.  

Man suffering from back pain at home in the bedroom

Time to Purchase a New Mattress?

If you can’t remember when you bought your existing mattress, it’s probably time for a new one. Mattress comfort is a matter of personal choice, and although many believe a firm mattress is best for someone with back pain, not everyone will find relief.

Visit a reputable mattress retailer and lie on all types. Take the time to really measure your comfort. You can also determine if your existing mattress will be more comfortable by putting a piece of plywood under it.

Another alternative  is to buy a firm mattress topper.

It may take an investment in a new mattress to help you manage back pain while you sleep.

Find the Best Position 

Finding the best sleeping position is always personal preference, so experiment with different ones to discover the one that helps you manage the pain.

Sleep on your side with a pillow between your knees. Add in a slight bend of the knees toward your chest if that is more comfortable. You can place another pillow at your waist if needed, and be sure to have a pillow to support your head and neck.

Sleeping on your back is probably the best way to ease back pain, but it can be problematic for those who snore or have sleep apnea issues. If that is the most comfortable position for you, add a pillow under your knees for extra support. You can also add a small pillow under your lower back. 

The fetal position is a common one for managing back pain, especially for individuals who struggle with disc issues. Lying on your side, bring your knees up toward your chest, but try to keep your back relatively straight.

Sleeping on your stomach is usually a no-no, but you can give it a try with a slim pillow situated under your stomach and hips. This position will put extra strain on neck muscles, but some adults prefer it.

Take Care Getting in and out of Bed

This is an important tip so pay attention. Be careful not to rush when getting into bed at night since it may disturb your alignment. The same goes in the morning. Don’t put any strain on your back or neck and don’t bend your waist. Instead, when getting out of bed, roll onto your side and use your arms to push yourself out of bed, and then stand up slowly. Do it in reverse at night as you are lowering yourself into bed. 

Try out some of these tips. It’s possible to manage your back pain while you sleep! Contact Spine & Scoliosis Specialists if your back pain gets worse after sleeping, or if you are unable to sleep due to back pain.

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