Physical Therapy

Individualized non-operative treatment

Physical therapy services are provided on-site through BreakThrough Physical Therapy, a leading physical therapy practice with five locations in North Carolina.

Their office, located adjacent to our waiting room, features state-of-the- art equipment and a view of the outdoors through floor-to-ceiling windows. They emphasize one-on-one rehabilitation, pairing each patient with a therapist who focuses on individualized treatment.

BreakThrough Physical Therapy provides two types of services to our patients:

  • Therapy designed to rehabilitate patients so surgery can be avoided
  • Post-surgery therapy to help patients regain strength after an operation

The company is certified in Evidence-Based Practice, which means their therapists use the latest research findings to develop treatment plans for patients. Studies show that physical therapy based on evidence-based guidelines is more successful and more cost-effective, with quicker results in fewer visits, than other types of therapy.

That translates into faster recoveries for patients.