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Providing comprehensive treatment of all spine problems, from neck and back pain, to herniated discs and stenosis, to complex cases of scoliosis and failed back syndrome

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Offering wide spectrum of conservative treatments, from neck and back exercises to medication to pain-relieving spine injections

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Specializing in leading-edge surgical techniques, including microdiscectomy and other minimally invasive surgeries, spinal fusion, disc replacement and scoliosis correction

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We’re specialists. Unlike general orthopaedics or neurosurgery practices, our office has only one focus – the spine, a very complex and important part of your anatomy. Our patients benefit from the concentrated expertise that our fellowship-trained physicians bring to each patient’s case. Spine & Scoliosis Specialists is the only medical practice in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina that focuses solely on spine care.

As a comprehensive, multidisciplinary center, we offer complete care of the spine, including both nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Our full-service office is designed to meet all of our patients’ needs conveniently in one place. Diagnostic tests (such as nerve studies and imaging studies), pain-relieving injections and physical therapy are all provided on-site at our office.

5 Stars

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5 Stars

Dr. Cohen is the best spine surgeon I have ever known of Having done my residency at Stanford & Duke and since, I have seen some great o...

5 Stars

My 93 year old Mother was in a wheelchair and in excruciating pain for several years. Other orthopedic physicians refused to do her surgery ...

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