An Athlete’s Guide to Back Injury Prevention

When you experience back pain, sometimes you don’t even know what you did to cause it. Skip the suffering and discover how you can prevent it from happening again. Even if you’re not an avid athlete, you can probably use an athlete’s guide to back injury prevention.

Your Spine Is a Beautiful Thing

Our spine is our backbone and a complex structure that supports our body. It consists of small bones (vertebrae), cushioning connectors (discs), nerves, joints, ligaments, and muscles. It helps us to sit, stand, walk, twist and bend.

Fit people in exercise gear sitting together on the floor of a gym.

80% of Americans will have back pain at some point. It is very susceptible to injury, so treat it right!

Preventing Back Injuries

Warming up is key

Taking at least 5 minutes to increase oxygen and blood flow to your muscles pays off. Preventing injuries on the field starts with light cardio and stretching to wake up your muscles.

Consistent exercise

Exercise regularly to keep your spine healthy. Engaging in exercise 3 to 5 times per week is a great way to maintain your physical fitness, strength, and flexibility.

Skip it if it doesn’t feel right

Don’t keep playing, exercising, or even warming up if something doesn’t feel right. Rest for a day and try again. If there is any pain that is severe and doesn’t go away, it may be time to see Spine & Scoliosis Specialists.

Keep your weight in check

A recent article in SPINE told us that overweight people were three times more likely to visit a hospital for back injuries than someone at a healthy weight. Proper nutrition is a necessary component to avoid strain on your back.

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Find out if you are physically able to perform the sport you love. Most times a back injury is a sprain or strain. If you happen to have a degenerative disease or some other disorder that can compromise your back, it might be time to rethink your favorite sport.

Keep your core strengthened

Strengthening your core will help to prevent damage from repetitive motions like when playing golf or throwing a baseball. Concentrate on crunches and Pilates exercises to strengthen the muscles protecting your spine.

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